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serenata hospitality CRM

Since 1996, serenata hospitality CRM has provided leading centralized solutions for Customer Relationship Management, tailor-made to the hospitality industry. As a strategic partner, serenata integrates CRM into hotel´s existing IT landscape, connecting CRM with PMS, CRS, ORM, RMS & several other data sources.

Know your guests




  •  Serenata did a great job and the implementation was a huge success. Thanks to our beautiful templates, we now promote our events, our restaurants and our whole resort. It’s a real pleasure working with such a nice product and above all with such a dynamic and reactive team! 

    — Agnès Broussaud | Quality Manager & Customer Service Projects SBM —

  •  NetHotel allows our hotels to further enhance each guest’s experience, and assists our staff to deliver a personalized experience that continually raises the bar on the five-star luxury travel experience worldwide. 

    — Nathan Crisp | VP Revenue Management & Distribution at Trump Hotel Collection —

  •  Implementing the Serenata NetHotel CRM allows Red Lion to personalize each guest’s experience in a way that was previously impossible. 

    — Bill Linehan | CMO Red Lion —

  •  In today's IT world we are still struggling with the lack of interoperability between our core system suppliers which prevents hotel chains across the world to fully leverage their brand power. With Serenata NetHotel CRM we have bridged this gap in our customer value chain, in order to maximize our profits and drive new revenue streams. 

    — Marco Correira | CIO Belmond Hotels —

  •  NetHotel allows us to consolidate and analyze vital guest data across all touch points including PMS, CRS, our Website and Social Media Channels in order to provide a 360 degree view on all relevant customer data. NetHotel is our CRM core system for all online and offline marketing activities chain wide. 

    — Andreas Krökel | COO Lindner Hotels & Resorts —



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