December 17, 2018




Leading CRM Provider to Leverage IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform to Enhance Peoplebased Marketing at Scale

IgnitionOne, a leading global marketing technology and data analytics provider, today announced a partnership with Serenata CRM, a leading provider of CRM solutions for hoteliers. Through this partnership, Serenata CRM will leverage IgnitionOne’s real-time customer scoring technology to enhance its existing solution that ties together all touchpoints of the guests’ journey into
one central experience platform.

“By leveraging Customer Intelligence, we are helping marketers achieve the ultimate goal of building lasting relationships with key customers,” said Christopher Hansen, Chief Product Officer at IgnitionOne. “We’re excited to welcome Serenata CRM as a partner, with the goal of helping marketers build trust to provide better customer experiences. Serenata CRM is a proven leader in the industry, and we look forward to working together.”

IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform enables marketers to identify their most valuable customers by analyzing on-site activity. Using the IgnitionOne Score, Serenata CRM clients can now identify each guest’s level of engagement and lifecycle stage. Each customer’s Score is based on a number of factors, including time spent on-site, products of interest, and existing relationship with the brand.

Using IgnitionOne’s technology, Serenata CRM’s clients are able to bid more effectively to engage their most qualified customers across Metasearch, RLSA, Display and Facebook. Serenata CRM will also have the opportunity to enrich each brand’s CRM lists with real-time data and create personalized offers based on real-time and full CRM file data points.

“This powerful combination of IgnitionOne’s real-time data with our vast CRM profiles is creating some of the highest conversion rates we have ever seen across media and email,” said Thomas Hoefer, Managing Director at Serenata CRM. “Real-time, behaviour- triggered audience segmenting and personalization of guest communication and offers are key themes of Serenata’s next generation CRM going into 2019. Helping marketers and brands use their first-party data has proven to be a major leverin driving direct bookings to our customers’ properties.”

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About Serenata CRM

Serenata CRM is a worldwide leading provider of guest communication and CRM solutions for the hotel industry. Founded in 1996, Serenata CRM has many years of experience in the hospitality business and is a subsidiary of NextGuest Technologies, which also includes HeBS Digital as a specialist in digital marketing. Through the cooperation of both companies, Serenata CRM offers comprehensive CRM and e-marketing solutions for the hotel industry. A special focus is placed on attracting new guests by integrating all digital channels. With the integration of guest information from Property Management Systems (PMS), Central reservation Systems (CRS), websites and other systems, Serenata CRM Suite offers a 360° guest profile view. With Serenata CRM Suite, guests are contacted by a targeted, dynamic and relevant communication before, during and after their stay with the aim of long-term guest loyalty.